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Dear Sirs!

The "HYDROSTAR" Company is a supplier of high-quality products of Europe's leading companies providing end-to-end customer service. The Company incorporates two enterprises, i.e. a commercial enterprise and a manufacturing one.

The LLC "HYDROSTAR" is a trade company engaged in fabricated rubber products sales throughout the entire Russia and CIS countries. The enterprise is registered in Saint Petersburg (corporate entity state registration certificate dd. 05 April, 2004, series 78 No. 002410860).

The LLC Production and Commercial Firm (PCF) "HYDROSTAR" is a production company specializing in assembling various hose products, fittings and connecting reinforcements. The enterprise is registered in Saint Petersburg (corporate entity state registration dd. 11 August, 2004, series 78 No. 005474281).

Among our consumers are various machine-building, metallurgy, mineral resource, food-manufacturing, forestry and petrochemical industry enterprises located in all the regions of Russia, "near" and "far" abroad.

We offer the following product range:

  • imported hydraulic high-pressure hoses (HHPH)
  • ready-made HHPHs (fitting-assembled) tailored to customers' requests
  • imported drill rubber hoses complying with the State standard 28618-90
  • foreign and domestic HHPH metric/inch DK, DKO, BSP, JIC, JIS thread pressure-test fittings, flanged couplings, quick-release joints, adaptors, pipe joints, reusable fittings etc.
  • foreign-made HHPH assembly jigs: squeezers, cutoff machines, outer and inner rubber layer strippers, test-benches
  • industrial steam hoses, construction hoses, oil and petrol resistant hoses, foodstuff hoses, gas welding and gas cutting hoses, air and water hoses, acid-base hoses, corrugated water and petroleum hoses, ventilation hoses and other foreign-made hoses.

We also attend to client-tailored orders on exclusive and special product delivery.

The "HYDROSTAR" Company's office, warehouses and production facilities are located in Saint Petersburg. Our products qualify with DIN EN 853 1SN, 2SN, DIN EN 856 4SP, 4SH, ISO 6807-D, undergo tests and are certified to comply with the State Standards GOST 6286-73, GOST 25452-90, GOST 5398-76 etc.

For more information refer to our experienced and qualified experts:

Phone: +7 (812) 490-5105, 766-1349
Fax: +7 (812) 334-37-68
E-mail: info@hydrostar.ru
Forwarding address: 5 Gruzinskaya street, St. Petersburg 192102 Russia

5 Gruzinskaya street, St. Petersburg 192102 RUSSIA
Phone: +7 (812) 490-5105, 766-1349  Fax: +7 (812) 334-37-68
E-mail: info@hydrostar.ru
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